Application Notes

Application Notes Description Applicable Series
AN1001 Heat sinking high current solid state relay controls HS, PCSL, TPS
AN2001 Wiring diagram for operating the VEND2000 on 24 VAC VEND2000
AN2002 Wiring an ASCR or ATCR with an RC1433-C ASCR, ATCR, RC1433-C
AN2003 Wiring a VEND200 with an RC1433-C VEND2000, RC1433-C
AN2004 Wiring a KSKR with an RC1433-C KSKR, RC1433-C
AN2005 Accumulative Timing AIS, QMS, QMSA
AN2006 AC Leakage Current in Solid State Timers Solid State Output Module
AN2007 Triggering Single Shot Time Delay from PLC Plug-in Time Delay Relay
AN2008 Triggering Single Shot Time Delay Module from PLC Solid State Output Module
AN2009 Triggering Single Shot Timer From Proximity or Photoelectric Switch Plug-in Time Delay Relay
AN2010 Triggering Single Shot Time Delay Module from Proximity or Photoelectric Switch Solid State Output Module
AN2011 Fan Control for Heating and Air Conditioning DFS
AN2012 Sequence Heaters DFS
AN2013 Multiple Coin or Token Vending AIS, HSS
AN2014 Slugbuster Connected to ASCR or ATCR Series ASCR,ATCR
AN2015 Connecting an OCS Series to an ASCR or ATCR OCS, ASCR, ATCR
AN2016 Connecting the OCS Series to the VEND2000 OCS, VEND2000


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